U.S.Supreme Court Denies To Hear Appeal

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Philip Surrenders

Another Christian in America In Prison


On December, 5, 2018  Philip Zodhiates reported to prison to serve two three-year sentences for giving a single Mom and her daughter a ride and a donation. In picture Philip is escorted by his wife, Kathie, to a prison front gate in Kentucky.

January 4 U,S, Supreme Court held a conference on staying Philip's sentence Court accepts and hears case. 

January 10, Supreme court ruled Philip must remain in prison while his legal team submits an Appeal to the Court to take his case.


Please watch the following twelve minute video to understand the case.

The Truth About The Lisa Miller Case

The Case Criminalizing Christianity in America 

Victims of GLBT Criminalizing Christianity in America

Lisa and Isabella Miller


Virginia Mother and Daughter

Pastor Ken Miller


Virginia Mennonite Pastor

Philip Zodhiates


Virginia Christian Businessman

To Live As Christians They Had To Leave America


My Meeting of Lisa and Isabella

It was the year 2004 when I received a phone call from Liberty Counsel, a 501 tax-exempt organization that promotes litigation related to evangelical Christian values. Because they were only located in Florida at the time they asked me if I would travel to Winchester, Virginia and confirm whether or not Lisa Miller was  "born again". They needed that confirmation before taking her case.

Liberty Counsel had learned that I was a Christian activist in Virginia who had also been delivered from homosexuality.

When Lisa Opened The Front Door

and I saw her beautiful smile and the radiance of her face, I knew she was truly "born again". It was so obvious she had met the Living Christ.

Once inside I met a little bundle of energy , red headed two year old Isabella, Lisa's biological daughter.

I Knew God Was Calling Me

to become involved in this case. { For six years it was a big part of my life}

A Little Background

December 2000, Lisa and Janet Jenkins, while living in Virginia, entered into a Vermont civil union.

April 2002, Lisa had Isabella. 

August 2002, the three moved to Vermont.

September 2003, Lisa ended the relationship with Jenkins and moved with Isabella back to Virginia.

July 2004, I met Lisa and Isabella.

October 15, 2004 Judge Prosser of Winchester ruled that Virginia's Marriage Affirmation Act prohibited Virginia from recognizing civil unions. He stated, " as far as Virginia is concerned , nothing is taking place in Vermont." Prosser ruled that Lisa Miller was the sole parent.

What Does It Mean To Be "Born Again"?

Let's go right to the Bible for the answer.

Corinthians 5:17 "Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away;behold, all things are become new."

As a "born again" Christian Lisa wanted her name off of the Vermont civil union so she dissolved it online. She began raising Isabella in the ways of the Lord according to the Bible.

Real Christianity

Following the lives of Lisa and Isabella Miller has been like watching something right off the pages of the Bible. It has been real life Christianity in action.

Jesus sets a woman free from her sins of homosexuality, He forgives her and tells her to go sin no more. She repents and turns from her wicked ways and starts following Jesus.

Pastor Ken Miller Did Not Aid In Kidnapping

Served Two Years In Prison For Living His Faith In America

The Basis For Involvement in The Lisa Miller Case


When considering the correct response in this case, we take inspiration from Jesus' way of relating to people in whatever situation they were in - that is with compassion and lack of condemnation. When religious authorities brought a woman to Him who was condemned to stoning  for adulterous actions, He defused the situation by bringing the accusers to a realization of their own failures. When her accusers left the scene, Jesus in His mercy didn't condemn her, but called her to a changed life.

It was in very painful circumstances that Lisa came to the Anabaptists in Virginia for help, which as a follower of Jesus, Ken could not ignore. Ken supported Lisa's desire to remove herself and Isabella from former relationships which were not in accord with Jesus' standards. However, he felt only love and compassion for Lisa's former partner and others involved.

We wish to clarify that this was an act of mercy without a political agenda. This is true for the simple reason that Anabaptists have always believed that we are not to participate in the affairs of the State, while we gladly submit to its rule under God. We also recognize that there are many legal battles being fought in relation to homosexuality. We have no desire to participate in these conflicts.


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My Impression of Lisa Miller

By Pastor Ken Miller (no relation)


It was obvious to me that Lisa Miller was a woman of great faith. Her appearance and demeanor demonstrated that she was at peace with God and at peace with herself. The expression on her face reflected an inner joy that was even more remarkable in light of the difficult situation she was in at the time. It was evident to me in the short time I was with her that here was a woman who walked with God.

Later I had the opportunity to read more about her tumultuous and at times tragic journey. It became even more obvious to me that this was a woman who had met Jesus of Nazareth and had powerfully experienced His mercy and grace. I believe Lisa is a living testimony to the Power of Jesus, the Power that can set us free from the burden of sin, even the sins of a sexual nature that all of us face in this decadent age. She would tell us that Jesus is ALIVE and standing by to help anyone who reaches out to Him with the smallest spark of faith. She would tell us that no sin is too great for Jesus to cleanse and heal, that no one is beyond hope of change. She would tell us about the great peace and joy that surrender to Jesus brings.

By all indications Lisa was in full command of her faculties, she was not unstable or delusionary as some reports have suggested.

I’m sure Lisa would admit to her share of mistakes in the custody battle, yet I believe she sought to live by her faith and conscience as best she knew how.

It was apparent that Lisa’s understanding of marriage, family and parenthood was orthodox. Her views are consistent with the Scriptures, the historical teachings of the Church, the social customs of the human race since the beginning of time, and with the beliefs of the vast majority of peoples around the world right now.

Since Lisa’s personal beliefs on these matters are rooted in the Scriptures, it was obvious that for her, these are issues of faith and conscience, and deeply held religious beliefs.

Lisa is painfully aware that in the United States, with less than 5% of the world’s population, there is a movement to radically redefine and re-engineer marriage, family and parenthood, the basic social elements God designed into the human race. She is well aware that this movement operates through all the agencies of American culture, the media, education, the entertainment world, modern psychology, the law and courts, and even through some churches. 

Lisa knows from personal experience that this movement is coordinated, relentless, and determined to cause everyone to conform to its ideology, and that it will attempt to marginalize and penalize those who do not conform.

In order to stay true to her faith and conscience, Lisa chose to flee with her daughter instead of conforming. She is still fleeing. She has been charged with kidnapping her own biological daughter and according to recent court testimony is still being hunted by the United States Government—“bouncing around the barrios of Nicaragua,” as some news reports have put it, trying to stay ahead of the authorities.

From what I know about her faith and conscience, I think it could be rightly said that Lisa Miller left the United States and fled to Nicaragua in search of religious freedom, the freedom to raise her daughter under God’s order—as her faith and conscience and deeply held religious beliefs called her to do.

These are my impression of my Sister in Christ, Lisa Miller.

Ken Miller

Waynesboro, VA




Philip Zodhiates, Imprisoned in America For His Faith


Brief Background of Philip Zodhiates


Philip is the only son of the late Dr. Spiros Zodhiates, world renowned Greek-born Bible scholar who authored numerous books including the Key Word Study Bible. Dr. Zodhiates came to this country as a missionary at the invitation of the American Mission to the Greeks (AMG), and served as its president for 33 years. Spiros was a fervent, dedicated Christian who devoted his life to serving the church and evangelizing the lost. 

Following in his father’s footsteps, Philip has been serving with Advancing Native Missions (ANM) since its inception to assist indigenous mission groups around the world reach unreached people with the gospel. He is currently chairman of the board of ANM.  As a small business owner for 40 years, Philip’s helped countless Christian ministries get the financial support necessary to successfully carry out their God-given ministry.


No Crime Committed

Philip has been convicted of international kidnapping when in reality he helped saved a little girl from abuse. At the time Philip gave Lisa and Isabella a ride from Virginia to New York, Lisa had full custody of her daughter with no travel restrictions and unrestricted possession of their passports. She had every right to travel wherever she wanted with her daughter.

Philip was unjustly convicted of helping a fellow Christian with transportation and giving her a few dollars.

Political Activism in the Courts

The hearing for Zodhiates could have been held in any state that the group drove through. However, New York was chosen because it was the most liberal, making a conviction more possible there.

The criteria for Jury selection for Philip's trial was questionable. The court and the government  worked diligently to prevent any person from being selected for the jury  who indicated he or she attended church,were involved in conservative or Republican politics, was educated or was involved in missions or charitable causes.

Meet Philip Zodhiates

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