Biblical Support for Civil Disobedience



When Moses was a baby, his Mother committed an act against government orders. The Pharaoh had commanded that all male Hebrew children born would be drowned in the river Nile. But Moses' mother placed him in a basket and hid him at the edge of the riverbank.

Baby Moses was discovered and adopted by Pharaoh's daughter and raised as an Egyptian.

Shadrach, Meshack, Abednego


These three Old Testament guys are remembered for their fiery experience.The three Hebrew men  disobeyed government orders to bow down and worship the King of Babylon. Because of their disobedience, they were thrown into a fiery furnace.

They not only survived the fire, the King saw a fourth man walking in the flames with them. They did not even smell like smoke when they were released.



There was a diabolical plot to get rid of Daniel, a Godly man who was an advisor to the king. Certain haters of Daniel had King Darius make a new law in which people could only worship and pray to him and if they worshiped or prayed to other gods, they would be thrown into a den of lions.

Daniel prayed three times a day everyday. When he was approached by government officials, he refused to cease his prayers to the Living God and bow down and pray to the KIng. Consequently, Daniel was thrown in with the lions. An angel shut  the mouths of  the lions.

The Three Wise Men


After Jesus was born, King Herod felt threatened. He assembled the chief priests and scribes demanding information as to what scriptures said about the location for the birth of Jesus Christ. He then met privately with The Three Wise Men who were  following the star in search of the one born.

Herod sent them to Bethlehem in search  of the young child. He told them when they found him, to return with the location so he could go and worship him also.

But after finding Jesus, The Three Wise Men were warned by God in a dream not to return to Herod. So they departed in another direction.

Read entire episode in Matthew 2.

Jesus in Court


What example did Christ leave us when standing before officials?

Sometimes He answered them. Sometime He didn't. 

He answered some of Pilate's questions and some He didn't. Jesus answered nothing to Herod's questioning.

Jesus always relied on the Father to supply Him with directions. We have the Holy Spirit today to lead  and guide us. It is imperative to be led by the Spirit and walk in discernment.

We are to hide the Word of God in our heart not our head that we might not sin against God. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Disciples of Christ


When Jesus selected His twelve disciples, He prepared them for the cost.  He warned them that there was a price to be paid for following Him.

In Acts 5, the apostles were arrested but delivered by an angel. After the officials told them not to use the name Jesus, Peter and the other apostles told them it was better to obey God rather than men. They went their way and continued preaching in the name of Jesus.

 There is nothing different today.  Jesus is the same today and God's Word endures to all generations. Right here in America, it is illegal to use the name Jesus.

Will you be a Judas today and betray Jesus or will you follow  Jesus when man tells you not to?

Strongly Recommended Reading

Taken From Inside Cover

It happened so subtly that few people noticed it at first. Little by little, morality and freedom started to crumble.

Something fundamentally has changed. Law and government no longer provide a foundation of justice and moralitity but have become the means of licensing moral perversion of all kinds. And the media has provide the means for propagating the change.

A Christian Manifesto is literally a call for Christians to change the course of history--- by return to Biblical Truth and by allowing Christ to be Lord in all of life.

Schaeffer's provocative conclusion is that when the state directly defies the absolute law of God, its authority becomes illegitimate. In this case, the Christian is bound to resist the state by whatever means necessary--through direct legal and political action, and possibly through massive demonstration of civil disobedience.

Francis Schaeffer wrote A Christian Manifesto in 1981.